miruthan  review
It is an imaginary film which has been made based upon Hollywood style.

Jeyan Ravi is a traffic police officer in Ooty. His only lovely sister is Anika. Jeyam Ravi falls in love with Lakshmi menon who is practicing as a doctor. A dog drinks the grievous chemical liquid which is expelled from the factory. Then, it becomes rabid dog. It bites a security and the infected security bits his family members. Since, the disease disperses all over the town.

Jeyam Ravi, his sister, friend Kali venkat, Lakshmi menon and her minister father R.N.R.Manohar encounter this crucial situation. Jeyam Ravi struggles hard to save them from this grave danger. At one moment, he and his sister also become victims to the bite. What is the climax?

Director Sakthi Soudarrajan is in the position to receive our appreciation. But, he could not complete his venture successfully. The role of traffic police is new to Jeyam Ravi. He has done better in that role. But, he is allotted with full time duty to annihilate the infected. It is really draggy not only for him but also for us. Lakshmi menon, as a doctor, fluctuates often in her tendency. Kali venkat is a good selection. Anika is also attracting us. This time, R.N.R.Manohar cheers us by giving up villain role.

We should not impose much logic on such type of stories. But, we cannot accept the complete illogical one. To eliminate the bite infected, there is no police force and other type of striking forces. Jeyam Ravi only is taking care of the task.

It is too late to control them by water. It is unacceptable that Jeyam Ravi is fighting alone to save Lakshmi menon from the infected. This scene could be made differently. Till the intermission, the director binds us; but after the first half, he fails to entertain us. However, it is acceptable to see this movie once to appreciate the attempt of the director.