Madras Music Review

Clarity, top-notch tone and elegance with new dimension – Madras songs brings forth an immense experience to music lovers with multi-genres of music. The film is directed by Attakathi Ranjith and is produced by K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films. Karthi and Catherine Tresa play the lead roles and there are plenty of new faces that are ready to take you by storm. Santhosh Narayanan introduces us to newness in every track and keeps you engrossed with them.

Chennai Vada Chennai

Voices: Hariharasudhan, Meenkashi Iyer

Lyrics: Kabilan

In the recent times, there are lots of numbers emphasizing on the city of Chennai. But what makes an abrupt difference here is the lyrics that has new phrases and of course the groovy strokes of singers Hariharasudhan and Meenakshi Iyer. The beats on accompaniment and instrumentals in interludes are splendid ones.

Kakidha Kappal

Voices: Gaana Bala

Lyrics: Gaana Bala

Chorus: Sean Roldan, Tholkappiyan, Santosh Narayanan

The high-pitched vocalism of Gaana Bala keeps you in awe and he does a power-packed performance. The highlighting traits of this song are the clarinet used as fill-ins and during the interludes. Sean Roldan, Tholkappiyan and Santhosh Narayanan offer an appealing chorus.

Kaali Love Theme

The orchestral instrumentation of the Sydney Orchestra that features Pradeep Kumar keeps us hooked towards it. There is such continuity between each notes and it keeps us looking ahead for what’s next.

Naan Nee

Singers: Shakthishree Gopalan, Dheekshitha

Lyrics: Uma Devi

This mellisonant tune moistens your hearts with so much of elegance and an emotional connection is created by the voices of Shakthishree Gopalan and Deekshitha. The lines are so much special as it easily lets us grasp them. Courtesy the most versatile Uma Devi, who makes her lyrical debut with this song….

Agayum Theepiditha

Singers: Pradeep Kumar

Lyrics: Kabilan

Pradeep Kumar has been creating a huge familiarity with his pleasant tunes from ‘Attakathi’ followed by ‘Pizza’, ‘Villa’, ‘Cuckoo’ and now ‘Madras’. With the guitar chords on running, the song keeps us so much mesmerized. Moreover, the intonating style of Pradeep Kumar is a special bliss to the listeners.


Singers: Gaana Bala

Lyrics: Gaana Bala

Much prior to the audio release, the entire team was sure about a thing. This song would be the icing of cake and yes, as you heed to it, you’re taken to the different world. The philosophical punch and emotions are at the peak here and it connects us so much beyond the music.
Theme music – Suvar

There is so much of story laced with this theme music and it takes you through some course that Madras has an intense script. The collage of musical instruments and the tempo that keeps shuffling is a huge highlight.

Overall, ‘Madras’ as the name how special it sounds to the old Chennaites, the album proves to be so special and close to our hearts. It would be a commercial hit and win the strong critical acclaims as well.

Verdict: Breathing the essence of real ‘Madras’.