Madras Movie Review

North Chennai stories are not something that is new to Tamil cinema, but Ranjith steals the attention with a different level of thinking and portrays Chennai from his point of view. Running straight from the success of Attakathi, the director has tried to emboss his next level of career with a realistic film and let’s see how it performs on overall analysis.

The film is set in backdrops of North Chennai and there is a long time feud happening over the possession of a ‘Wall’ that is considered as the ‘egoistic value’ of the two parties. Passing over the generations, it has now landed up with the youngsters. With such things happening the locality, we see Kaali (Karthi) as an innocent boy leading a peaceful life with his friends and his close buddy Kalaiarasan is everything to him. But sooner, the ambitious desires and egoistic clashes between the political parties is ready to ruin their lives. Will Kaali be able to come out of the troubled waters and lead a contented life? Watch out for the rest on the screens.

This becomes a difficult scenario to mark about the positive elements in the film. Almost everything that comes under the technical and narrative panoramas belong to the ‘Plus’ category. Right from the casting to the most brilliant detailing we see in the frame, there is an impact of ground work that Ranjith along with his team of technical crew and writers have done. Very rarely, the films do carry the trait of not able to distinguish between the first and second half. Madras is almost like a drama that happens right in front of our eyes and we are someone seeing it directly. The director’s creative choice of casting newcomers leaves us no predictions. Karthi brings up an impeccable performance that would really gain him the awards. Be it the hilarious conversations with his mother and friends or the most heart-wrenching situations of lamenting over the loss, he spells the best. Catherine Tresa not alone looks beautiful, but delivers a power-packed performance. The actor we see in the role of Johnny is extraordinary and his witty lines receive good applause in theatres. Kalaiarasan is marvellous and he scores more points. Ritwika is a simple beauty and her performance is commendable.

Technically, all that we can say is that there would be only one backbone, but here, the cinematographer, music director and editor become three backbones. Such is the awe-inspiring work that they have done. The technical impact adds more intensity to the emotions of characters. The cinematographer keeps panning and tilting camera towards the ‘Wall’ and everything with new angles, a new emotion of fear, anger and fun is created.

Overall, ‘Madras’ is an epic film of this year and it’s a special film to the entire. For the audiences, who were curiously awaiting an exceptionally unconventional film, ‘Madras’ becomes the right answer.

Verdict: It’s not just about ‘MADRAS’, but the emotions of universe.