‘Kodi’ Dhanush’s double action secret…!


The movie ‘Kodi’ is in underproduction having DuraiSenthilkumar as director and Dhanush, Thrisha and AnubamaParameswaran as Protagonists. SanthoshNarayanan is the music director of this film. The shooting of this film was completed and the final processes are going on.

For the first time, Dhanush performs in double action for this film. He bears the roles of Politician and Professor. The names of his characters are Anbu and Kodi. He has acted in 3 different get-ups.

The story has set based on the concept that how the feelings and anger of one character affect the other character. But the team has said that this will be different. They also planned to release the first look of this movie on 28th July (birth date of Dhanush).