‘Kazhugu’ director directs Rana’s new Tamil movie…!

sathya siva

Presently, actor Rana is showing interest in performing Tamil movie directly. He performed in an important role in Ajith’s ‘Aarambam’ movie. Then, he garnered good support through ‘Baahubali’ Tamil dubbing. Following this, the second part of ‘Baahubali’ is ready to be released in Tamil.

Recently, another movie of him named ‘Ghazi’ was released in Tamil. Following this, Rana performs in Tamil movie named ‘Madai Thiranthu’ directly. Rana was attracted by director Sathya Siva’s story ‘Madai Thiranthu’. He nodded to perform in it even in 2016 August. But, as the shooting of ‘Baahubali-2’ was delayed to be completed, the process of ‘ Madai Thiranthu’ was postponed.