Karunas makes verbal attack on Producers Association…!

If we ask about the action against fake VCD with Karunas, he vehemently replies that what can we do? Producers Association is not responsible in its duty. It is just concentrating on eating snacks. He turns his face against Producers Association.

“There is no benevolence between the producers. They maintain jealous with each other. If the condition remains the same, how the industry will progress? Hence, in the very first day of release, some fellows release it through internet. Due to this, so many innocents encounter disastrous. There is no possibility for producing another A.V.MeiyappaChettiyar or R.B.Choudry,” he expressed.

While replying for the question about his angry on Producers Association, he added that what should we do without infuriate? There is no guarantee for the producers who are investing lot of crores. The association does not bother about the low budget films. The members of the association are so selfish. So, there is no use in existence of this association. It is expected that the association will not turn its attention immediately towards him due to his political influence.