Karaiyoram – Review


Nikisha Patel is the younger daughter of rich man (crorepathi) Radharavi. As she helps for the love marriage of her elder sister against her father’s wish, the heartbroken Radharavi commits suicide. One rainy day, her sister and her child die in an accident. Thus, the anguished Nikisha comes to her friend Iniyaa’s sea shore village for the betterment.

At that place, she becomes attracted by a handsome young man Vashista who is staying alone in a light house. When Iniya comes across this affair, she bewilders her friend that Vashista is no more now. He died so many days back.

Now, Nikisha baffles about this information and starts to find out the truth. But, during her attempt, she undergoes for some unexpected perils. How she overcame this? – That is climax!

At beginning, Nikisha looks in decent attires, but later, her role turns to glamour. Iniya bears the role of betraying friend in this movie also as a set property. Simran’s appearance in this movie is not appealing.

Anti-hero Vashista and father Radharavi have played their part well. Camera man JeiAnand brings us the feeling of real experience in a sea shore village.

Director J.K.S. is really talented (!). He stretched every scene up to five minutes in a single location (sea shore) with the help of light house and guest house.No uniqueness in this story. Director dealt with this story in an ordinary manner instead thrilling. It can be a good thriller, but, spoiled by the director.