Kamal stepped in to the work of ‘Vishwaroopam-2’…!

viswaroopam 2

Kamal’s movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ was released in 2013 and got good success. When Kamal was shooting the first part, he also started the process for second part of this movie. But, as there was a financial crisis, he stopped that work. Meantime, more films were released in the performance of Kamal. But, there were no tidings about ‘Vishwaroopam-2’.

Now, the hurdles have been removed. Kamal has said that only technical and legal issues need to be resolved yet. “Only 6 month process is still pending. My producer Oscar Ravichandran has some other works to be completed. We do not have any other issues like you expect. We meet regularly. I tend to finish off the work of this movie soon” Kamal told.