Jilla Movie Review

The entertainment was assured by director Nesan and he was clear that there is no punch dialogue or any political issues in the film. As you watch ‘Jilla’ you will such reaffirmation and yes, the film is a wholesome entertainer with some little flaws, but with more entertainment. The film is produced by RB Choudary and has an ensemble star-cast of Vijay, Mohanlal, Kajal Aggarwal, Soori, Sampath, Ravi Mariah et al.

When Sakthi’s (Vijay) father dies in childhood while saving Siva (Mohanlal) from a cop, he adopts and treats him like his own son. But things turn out to be a bizarre when Sakthi become a police officer reluctantly and Siva faces unexpected scenarios.

Who’s best between Mohanlal and Vijay? Obviously, these superstars are known for their unique and unparalleled performances. They make sure that they stay inside their circle and entertain the audience. Mohanlal doesn’t get a meaty role, but he gets you excited by making use of every single frame. Vijay as usual amuses you with dance, fun and fight. That’s it! You don’t need to inspect on his acting techniques.. Yes, he slightly overreacts in certain scenes, which should be clearly an instruction from Nesan, but that doesn’t hamper the film. Kajal Aggarwal has lost some of her beauty factors. Except in songs, she doesn’t appeal to the senses. Her expressive eyes and smile goes missing here. Poornima Bhagyaraj makes her comeback after a long time and makes use of her role. Mahat has to improvise a lot and he is too young for his age to perform few things. Nivedha Thomas does her part well. Sampath is fine with his portions. Ravi Mariah goes unnoticed after some extent. Pradeep Rawat in cameo is okay.

Although D Imman repeats the same themes over again in background score, it suits well to the screenplay. The cinematography is perfect and what could have been better is editing by Don Max. Except the introduction scene of Vijay that is shot with Phantom Flex camera, nothing seems to be impressive from his end. The first half is entertaining, but the post-intermission sequences get little dragging (Total duration 3hrs), which if trimmed would have added more intensity to the screenplay.

Overall, Jilla is an entertainer for mass audience. Don’t look out for logics, just sit back and relax.

Verdict: Entertainment guaranteed, but could have been crispier

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