Jil-Jung-Juk 1302
This film has emerged from the different venture of Siddharth. It resembles the cowboy concept film.

Siddharth and his friends get an assignment from Amarendran (known as Deiva) to exchange intoxicants. They have to mix the intoxicantswith paint and apply it on the car. Only through this method, they should have to abduct this. Unfortunately, their car becomes the subject to be kidnapped by someone in mid-way. It also arrives at the cinema shooting spot and being utilized for stunt scenes. Finally, it appears smashed.

Hence, Siddharth tries to produce another car similarly. Meantime, he was caught up by RadhaRavi (enemy of Amarendran and called as Rolax Ravuthar) and his gangster Attack. Ultimately, the all enemies were forced to meet at one place. What happens? – Climax tells remaining story.

Siddharth completely has followed a new style in this film. His companion Juk is corresponding Hollywood actor Chris Tucker. Jang also plays his role well.

RadhaRavi’s new get-up for this film is heavily attracting us. The corpulence man who acts as the P.A. of Amarendran garners much applause from the fans. Saai Dheena scores well for his comedy.

The contributions of camera man Sreya Krishna and music director Vishal ChandraSekar drag us to the atmosphere of cow boy film. Dialogues are effective. The superb attempt of director Dheeraj Vaithi is appreciable.