Jeyam Ravi is the first hero to bear the role of traffic police in Tamil cinema…!

Miruthan (1)
There will be some perceptions regularly in Tamil cinema industry that this is the first time in this kind. Likewise, the Jeyam Ravi’s movie ‘Miruthan’ testifies the same tendency once again. In this movie, Jeyam Ravi’s role is ‘traffic police’. The female lead of this film is Lakshmi menon.

Commonly, our heroes have been bearing the roles like law & order police officer, investigative officer and CBI officer. But, no one did cast as traffic police so far. Even Rajini will appear as a traffic police for seconds in a song of ‘Baadsha’. Simbu left out the chance already to be as traffic police in the film ‘Khan’ of Selvaragavan.

As Simbu film was dropped, Jeyam Ravi has acquired the name. There is a belief that if the hero acts as traffic police, the film will not be successful. As ‘Miruthan’ has acquired ‘A’ certificate, they have to pay 30% collection of this film as the tax. It is set to be released on 19th February.