Irandam Ulagam Movie Review

When the Goddess has her plans in the climax, the theatre was supposed to be loaded with more applause. It’s a serious situation for a fantasy movie and it is a moment for many to believe the unbelievable scenario. That’s a brilliant concept in hand that any filmmaker would die to go for and Selvaraghavan has intellectually handled it. But when you aim for the sky, there are chances to achieve the best and at times stop halfway.

Let us see what Irandam Ulagam is all about and what the degree of accomplishment it has made is.

Arya and Anushka appear in dual roles as couple in our world and another planet. Situations bring them together and indeed separate them. Arya as Madhu in the modern world is suddenly shifted to the second planet, where he is spellbound to see the identical image of his very own and his sweet heart Ramya (again played by Anushka). Unknowingly, he accomplishes the most desirable dream of the Goddess there in creating LOVE for the first time in this planet.

If this was a movie of just 120 minutes, mark our words, the audience would have given standing ovation. It’s really an interesting concept and something that we have never seen till the date on the screens. But the screenplay becomes little sluggish in places and let us put it this way – this kind of avant garde movies are always loved by miniscule audience and yes, Selvaraghavan has precisely hit the target audience, but what his fans usually expect from him in all his movies goes missing. Arya and Anushka have done justice to their roles and in both the characters are perfect. The triple action by Anushka (a huge surprise at climax) is a good show and that is Selvaraghavan’s new kind of treatment to end his film on positive note. But he can avoid the local flavour in his dialogues and for a film like fantasy, this is completely unwanted. The Computer Generated works are okay, but Ramji’s cinematography deserves special mention. The kids will surely love this film for a brilliant and colourful visual treat.

On the whole, Irandam Ulagam has length duration (approximately 3hrs) and this factor seems to turn us little down. If screenplay was kept intact and there was much to do with Man Vs alien factors, Selvaraghavan would have been declared as the real Olympian.

Verdict: Good attempt, but could have been better.

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