Inji Iduppazhagi – Review

Anushka is in mandatory circumstance to reduce her fatness for getting marriage as she is being rejected by many boys. Meanwhile, he falls in love with slim boy Arya who is working for a documentary film in Bangalore.

But, the slim girl Sonal Chauhan annoys Anushka by accompanying Arya any time. Anushka joins ‘size zero’ fitness centre to bring down her obesity. Which would be the triumphant one; Love or Beauty?–Theatre calls you!

Arya offers fitness tips not only for Anushka but also for us. Aushka is not struggling much to bear the big response in this movie. One has to be courageous to cast as fat girl. But, the lady Kamal (Anushka) does not bother about to do it. She reflects the humiliation perfectly in her face whenever she meets with disgrace. Fat or slim? Whatever it is? Anushka is Anushka! (Beauty is beauty!)

Sonal chouhan has not been given any important role in this movie except rubbing against Arya. Prakash raj evolves in new avatar as a trickster (fitness Centre owner) who is making lot of money in the name of reducing obesity. Oorvasi played her part effectively as a mother of fat unmarried girl. Master Bharath is the younger brother of Anushka.

Despite, the camera of Neeravsha wanders around the areas of fitness Center, size zero Centre, finally, it has done a fantastic job in climax scene. Music director Maragath Mani challenges young music directors in ‘size sexy’ song.

The director of this film is K.S.Prakash rao who is the grandson of ‘Vasantha Maaligai’ director. Despite, there is some propagative tendency regarding the fitness, the director ultimately done his job well.

This film points out the persons who are deceiving the people regarding fitness. This film teaches us the real beauty which exists in our hearts.