Indru Netru Naalai Movie Review


Sometimes, there needs to be a change, especially in the movie watching experience and director Ravi Kumar makes it happen along with producers CV Kumar and K.E. Gnanavel Raja through ‘Indru Netru Naalai’. The films based on Time Travel have been significantly at its top in the Hollywood movies and sometimes with Bollywood, which have seen mixed reports. Indru Netru Naalai arrives as a special surprise in Tamil cinema and let us check out how far it excels with this new pioneering concept.

The film begins in the fantasy-backdrops of Chennai in 2065 and we find a brilliant scientist (played by Arya) coming up with a great machine based on Time Travel. But due to some mistake, the machine transported to the current age of 2015 gets lost in the same Chennai. Over this period, there are some youngsters like Vishnu Vishal who is madly in love with Mia George and her father Jayaprakash disapproving of their marriage. Then there is his friend Karunakaran, who doesn’t have a greater life as astrologer and then there is a half-minded scientist. These people happen to meet an accident and come across this Time Machine. Now this is going to change their lives forever and all of sudden on the flip side has its bad effects as well.

Firstly to kick-start the analysis, as mentioned above, the entire team of writers, director and producers deserve heart full of appreciations. There seems to be specialty with this film. Usually such a script would be bounded to more seriousness and thrill moments, but director has significantly added up some commercial ingredients to it. The first hour is filled with so much of amusing elements and director’s intelligence is very much evident, especially the scene where, someone asks for the missing Malaysian 370 flight gains huge applause in the theatres. But as the story gets into the second half zone, there seems to be some confusions with the director on how to proceed with it. It would have been nice if he had retained the momentum, but no issues, just few minutes and things back into normalcy with a gripping narration till the climax.

Every actor has done what is actually required for the film and they have managed to live up to the expectations. Be it Vishnu Vishal or Mia George or Karunakaran, they have nothing specific to be analysed with the performance, but they have surpassed as a director’s actor and script’s actor, which is actually a rarity these days. A special note of greeting to Vishnu Vishal! You’re doing a great job with decent scripts that actually keep you in spotlight. Kudos and keep it up!!!

The CG works and other technical works are extraordinarily done. Overall, Indru Netru Naalai deserves a watch for new experiment and the way it has been pleasingly delivered with decent commercial ingredients. 

Verdict: Give a try and you’ll surely enjoy this ride.