India Pakistan Movie Review

Humour always steals the show in theatres, but how far they keep us engaging becomes the deciding factor. The film ‘India Pakistan’ stars Vijay Antony and Sushma Raj in lead roles with Pasupathy, Manobala and few others in important characters. The film is produced by Vijay Antony’s home banner and is directed by Anand.

The film centers on two amateur lawyers (Vijay Antony and Sushma Raj), who bounced up each other initially at a DVD store picking the same copy of ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’, somewhere tracing back to the same situation in the Vijay’s movie, where Vijay and Shalini go for the same book, which becomes the same reason behind their love. But again, they have their funny ego clashes of finding the best legal cases. But they are unaware that a strong proof of evidence on fake encounter captured is placed in the ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’ DVDs they have owned.

A humour with the right blend of thriller is something that really works out among all the centre of audiences. Over the years, we have seen such movies clicking well in all cohorts. Over here, Anand has chosen the similar theme for this film. It remains so entertaining, if you’re narrating this story to your friend in just two lines. The story has a commercial magic to work out if packaged with a perfect screenplay. Anand who has chosen a decent plot could have exerted his best efforts in crafting the impeccable screenplay. At times, we start feeling the boredom, especially during the first half and later during the post intermission sequences, there seems to be few entertaining ones with a climax that tries to overshadow the flaws.

On the performance front, Vijay Antony tries up something different to score in the humour part, but he isn’t completely perfect as in his previous movies that were based on action and thriller. He is apt for the mysterious characters that rarely smiles and scares everyone with guesses just with powerful eyesight. Sushma Raj looks simple and beautiful and she has some good way up there in Kollywood if she tries to focus on some challenging roles.

Musically, the film is disappointing as Vijay Antony films have at least one hit song for the party animals or something like mesmerising melodies. But this one doesn’t have anything, maybe because Vijay Antony didn’t strike the chords.

Overall, India Pakistan is an average comedy caper, which should have had its best results if Anand has actually tried involving more dose of humour at least hired up some versatile comedy dialogue writers like Crazy Mohan or director Rajesh.

Verdict: Funny in places, but not a hilarious feast

Rating: 2.5/5