How special is OKMK to Arulnidhi?

While many actors from the young league consistently involve themselves in stereotypical scripts and roles, Arulnidhi has been striding with an immense effort to depict himself in a different shade and has been proving of his proficiency to a greater depth. While his most expected film ‘Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum’ is all set to hit screens tomorrow, the actor says that he wants to be a part of films with unique scripts just as it happened with OKMK. “I don’t want to repeat myself in similar roles over again, but try to be a part of unparalleled movies,” says Arulnidhi. When asked on his choice of juggling between the roles of cop and rogue from one film to the another and not being a part of romantic films, he utters, “Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum has lots of love element into it and this film is completely different from what I have done before.”