Hollywood touch for Vijay’s movie

With new ideas and coming of age themes ruling the Tamil cinema, the bridge from here to Hollywood has been diminished as we find the actors and technicians actively being a part of our showbiz. The recent one is director Vijay who is wrapping up with his experimental project ‘Saivam’ that stars Deivathirumagal fame. The filmmaker has managed to get a couple of renowned Hollywood audio engineers – Marti Humphrey and Chris Jacobson to work on sound for this film. With this film completely set in the backdrops that require a more natural sound, it is nice to see that Vijay has got the right ones to plug in the effects, who had already made a brilliant work in Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam. These technicians even expressed their elatedness over visiting Indian and indeed appreciated GV and Vijay for a soulful theme music.