Grahanam gets a beautiful moon beauty – Nandini

PVP Cinemas has been consistently involved in the production of many movies and one among them happens to be Grahanam. A film with newfangled genre that stars Karunakaran, Kayal fame Chandran and Karunakaran in lead roles and now Miss Andhra Pradesh 2010, Nandini joins the team to emblazon it all. The film as the title suggests is an eclipse and seems to be boasting of a good content crafted by debut filmmaker Elan with PVP Cinemas funding the project in collaboration with Shoban Babu and Karthik of Big Print.

Excited about venturing into the lanes of Tamil cinema, Nandini says that she feels blessed to be a part of this lovely team. She had earlier been involved in the ads and later made her way into Telugu film ‘Maya’ followed by ‘Kushikushiyagi’ in Kannada.

Speaking about his co-star Krishna, she says, “He is the real booster of this film and keeps us enlivened even during the tough and stressful schedules during night times.”