G.V.Prakash has two dimensions in ‘Bruce Lee’…!


Following the ‘Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru’, G.V.Prakash performs in the movies like ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘Adangaathe’, ‘4G’ and ‘Sarvam Thaala Mayam’. In the movie ‘Bruce Lee’, his role is media reporter. Mottai Rajendran and Balasaravanan are the comedians of this movie. Delhi’s beauty queen Kriti kharbanda performs as the heroine. She already had performed in Telugu and Kannada movies.

As this is political centric movie, Anandaraj and Mansoor AliKhan perform as politicians. The reporter G.V.Prakash brings their malpractices to the light. Though he appears as a hero with comedy sense in the first part, his dimension differs in the second part as a stunt hero. It is said that he performs as energetic hero than his previous movies.