“Fun will become worse”; Sathyaraj advises youths…!

sathyaraj 1
We know that actor Sathyaraj usually expresses his views openly. He uses to observe every incident which happens around us and finds his view on those things. He recently has registered his view on Suchi Leaks. Through this Suchi Leaks, an unknown person releases the secret photos of actors and actresses. He is also being backed by youths.

At this juncture, Sathyaraj has released a video by commenting on this. He states in this video that kindly choose good friends and lovers. If you fail in that it will hurt you lot in future. The woman is living with us; not came from space. By releasing such type of photos, more of them may commit suicide. Hence, I kindly ask you to avoid such like activity. I hereby assume myself as the father of many women who was victimized by this atrocity.