Free Medicare for members; Nadigar Sangam arranges…!


The new administrators of Nadigar Sangam fulfill the obligations one by one as they promised earlier during the Nadigar Sangam election campaign. Recovery of the land of Nadigar Sangam from the private is the first prominent one among those promises.

They count the members of Nadigar Sangam all over Tamil Nadu to maintain the proper list for providing them the medical, educational and welfare assistances. They also count male and female members separately in the name of ‘Guruthatchanai’.

To implement the scheme of Medicare, the Nadigar Sangam held discussion with A.C.S Medical University and S.R.M Medical University. As a result of this, A.C.S. University has consented to extend its hand to help the members.

To avail the Medicare, the function for distributing free cards will be held in Chennai Naradha Gana Sabha on 14th March. The card will be issued to all members who have registered their name under the scheme of ‘Guruthatchanai’.