Five reasons to watch Indru Netru Naalai

Actor Vishnu Vishal has been stupendously sketching some best projects to his kitty that have been successful gaining him proper recognitions. This time, he is up with Indru Netru Naalai and with the film getting ready for release tomorrow (June 26) we have five good reasons to watch this film.

1. Uniquely tailored first of its kind in Tamil cinema: In the recent times, there have been more new-fangled films spearheading with new concepts. This is the first ever time in Tamil cinema, a film based on time travel has been made. Kudos to the director Ravi Kumar.

2. Big brands association: Ravi Kumar is none other than the assistant of Nalan Kumarasamy, who in spite of making only one film redefined Tamil cinema through Vijay Sethupathi’s Soodhu Kavvum. Moreover, the brands like CV Kumar’s Thirukumaran Entertainment and Studio Green coming into this project; it has a vast market established from tomorrow.

3. The promising story line – Director Ravi Kumar openly breaks the story. A scientist prepares a time machine and three persons – Vishnu Vishal, Mia George and Karunakaran travel in it. They go through different time periods both in past and future.

4. The Twist in the tale – The director furthermore adds that when these characters witness some characters coming across other persons of the time period in different time periods, they are not supposed to confront with them though they raise the problems.

5. Single, Double and Triple Roles – This is going to be the ultimate surprise in the film. Whoever travels in the time machine, they would be having multiple roles. But whether, Vishnu Vishal, Mia George and Karunakaran appear in single, double or triple roles is something we have to wait and watch.