Ennamo Nadakkuthu movie review

It’s a manna down from heaven for many film buffs as the recent Tamil movies hitting screens in Summer are turning to be huge surprises with newfangled themes and ultra-stroke screenplays. Filmmaker Rajapandi joins the league of filmmakers gratifying the audiences with a racy screenplay from beginning till end. It was a long wait for Vijay Vasanth to strike back with an intense story that should take him to the next level. With his previous films not so much of solo hero subjects, he throws up an absolute astonishment as we start wondering is he the same Vijay Vasanth who was seen as a freewheeling chap in films like ‘Chennai 600028′ and ‘Nadodigal’?

The film has a plot that is so familiar in Latin American flicks and so is the treatment by Rajapandi. The protagonist (Vijay Vasanth) is a wall poster dealer in North Chennai and leads a happy life with his mother. He falls in love with a beautiful girl Mahima and she soon reciprocates as well. This belle has a serious situation of returning back huge money she had borrowed from a loan shark with huge interest. To settle her needs, Vijay takes up a protocol of transporting the money from a kingpin (Rahman) to the required place and on the process gets snached by the mysterious group. It’s a chain of relentless speculations for Vijay and Mahima as they are chased from different corners for money. In the process of life and death, Vijay decides to find out the mysterious persons responsible for this heist? But will he be able to hunt them down or handle things differently?

What makes things work out best for this film is that everyone in the crew have distinctly understood the need of their prominences into the script. Say for instance, the background score by Premgi Amaran pumps up the adrenaline rush into the movie, especially during the second hour. Usually, it become a common mistake by many auteurs of establishing the conflict by the end of first hour, but Rajapandi clearly erases such theory and pulls forth an impeccable raciness into the script right from the very beginning of this film. Vijay Vasanth’s scrupulous efforts are so much revealing with his performance. Mahima does some neat job here. Prabhu is excellent. Rahman is back with a bang post-Singam II success and Suganya delivers a punch of bedeviled nature through her performance.

Cinematographer deserves special pat for the treatment of entire film in a specific tone. Editing is sleek and makes the film racier.

Overall, ‘Ennamo Nadakkuthu’ is a film not to miss if you’re an ardent buff of action thrillers. The film keeps you on edge-of-seats right from the beginning till end.

Verdict: Demand a seat belt from theatres before movie begins…