enakku-inoru-per-irukku 1

There are rare successes for gangster comedy films. Very few films have met with success like ‘Jigirthandaa’. Now, in that row, there is new entrant named ‘Enakku Innoru Per Irukku’.

‘Sithappu’ Saravanan and VTV Ganesh are competing for the don status (Nainaa) in Royapuram area. But, their friend Motta Rajendran helps VTV Ganesh to acquire the status. But, tactically, Saravanan captures that prestige with sending VTV to prison. Motta Rajendran leaves that area.

When Saravanan (Nainaa) feels about his old age, he thinks about his successor. As he has only daughter (Anandi), he intends to bring his future son-in-law to that prestige. Hence, he searches for Rowdy bridegroom.

At this juncture, the bridegroom searching team (including Karunas and Yogibabu) meets G.V.Prakahs (son of VTV) and wrongly assumes that he is a courageous Rowdy. But, in true, G.V.Prakash is very soft and assailable. The team brings the news about G.V.Prakash to Saravanan and makes him to nod for the marriage. Though G.V.Prakash does not know about their intention, he consents for the marriage as he is in love with Anandi.

But, at the same day of marriage, Saravanan comes under attack of the gang of the son of murdered old Nainaa. During the attack, Saravanan realizes that his son-in-law is a coward. Finally, they escaped and become absconded. Villain kills the gangsters of Saravanan one by one and ultimately searches for the family members of Saravanan.

At this crucial juncture, the father of G.V.Prakash VTV Ganesh gets release from prison. Motta Rajendran extends his hand to VTV once again. With the three corner support, how G.V.Prakash overcomes the challenge of Villain – That is climax.

G.V.Prakash rides on the same horse. Though his performance is appreciable, he should consider changing his style. Anandi has not been provided with good opportunity to prove her.

‘Sithappu’ Saravanan has been provided with so much importance across the film. He could be considered as the second hero of this movie. They have technically taken some super scenes from the hit films including ‘Kabali’.

Karunas (speaking Kalakeyar language) and Yogibabu forbid this film from becoming concept. Charlie’s performance in guest role is appreciable. Nirosha, Mansoor Ali khan and Ponnambalam are making us rejoice.

Villain Lawrence’s performance is very effective. This film is not allowing us to feel humor as well as serious. It is an unnecessary and risky attempt of director. This movie resembles the hit movie of last year. Hence, we could not recollect any comedy aspects of this movie after left out of the theatre.