Eetti – Review

Tanjore youth Atharva is a famous athlete having grabbed many more medals. His father Jayaprakash and coach ‘Adukalam’ Naren want to promote Atharva to the world level. But, Atharva has a health issue that his blood will not froze if he meet with injury.

Atharva falls in love with SriDivya of Chennai through wrong call. An assistant of black money mafia R.N.Manohar wants to marry SriDivya. But, the brother of SriDivya approaches police and sends Manohar to the jail when he notices that Manohar’s gang engage in illegal activities.

When Atharva comes to Chennai to participate the national sports event, he meets his heroine. But, he enters in hassle with Manohar group as he safeguarded the brother of SriDivya (Thirumurugan) from the group. After his release from the prison, Manohar murders Thirumurugan. His next target is Atharva. How Atharva overcomes this problem and able to participate the event? – That is the climax.

Despite, this is the sports oriented film, they do not depend that field and metaphorically handled the story through the character of emboldened youth. Atharva is fit for this character. He had worked hard for this. But, SriDivya struggles hard to change her face reactions. R.N.R.Manohar had proved his talent well.

‘Adukalam’ Naren has superbly reflected the life of real sports coach. The characters of father Jayaprakash, Thirumurugan, friend Murugadoss and Police officer Selva are comparatively effective.

‘Naan pudicha mosakkuttiye’ song is well in G.V.Prakash’s music. Camera man Saravanan Abimanyu’s work is remarkable. Debut director Ravi Arasu’s effort in providing an action and commercial film with the background of sports is really appreciable.

But, if they could have imagined the concept of love affair differently instead wrong call (it is old style), it would be notable one. They did not touch the concept of Atharva’s health problem in the film sufficiently. However, this is not a new and notable story, this film does not make us to feel bore.