Dhanush declares on ‘Smoker’ status

Everything was fine until Rajnikanth’s Baba, when many political parties started extending their protest to stop the heroes refrain from onscreen smoking as it influences the fans in a wrong way. Apparently, many actors had quit doing it and Rajnikanth switched over to Bubble Gum in Chandramukhi followed by Sivaji – The Boss as well. Similarly, except ‘Mankatha’, Ajith Kumar was not often seen smoking in any films and so was Vijay, Suriya and Vikram. But Dhanush is often seen indulged in onscreen smoking and his tomorrow release ‘Maari’ is an ample illustration. Just before few minutes, the actor had interacted with media channels and one among them happened to ask about his incessant smoking in this film ‘Maari’ and Dhanush replied, “Sketching characterisations actually falls into the hands of writers and directors. So I wouldn’t interfere into it. However, I would like to make it clear that I am a non-smoker in real life.”