December 4 – crucial day for three heroes

3 heroes

In the year 2015, totally 196 films were released till November. If we add the films which are scheduled to be released on 4th December, the number will rise to 200. In next 3 Fridays, if 20 films will be released, the total number will cross the mark of 220 of last year and would make new record.

‘Rajini Murugan’, ‘Eetti’ ‘Urumeen’ and ‘Vellaiyaa Irukkiravan Poi solla maattaan’ have set to be released on 4th December. At the same time, the release date of ‘Pasanga – 2’ has been postponed for the last week of December. Hence, the release of ‘Rajini Murugan’ moved to 4th December.

The contestants of 4th December are Sivakarthikeyan, Atharva and Baabi Simha. Their next move will be decided on the basis of the success of these films. Whether these 3 films will be attaining the status of super hit or only one will be placed in that level? Let us wait and see.