Darling Movie Review


With an impeccable attempt to recreate the best features of Prema Katha Chithram, debut filmmaker Sam Anton has come up with ‘Darling’ that thoroughly lets the audience enjoy the show from beginning till end. The film is produced by K.E. Gnanavel Raja and Allu Aravind with GV Prakash making his debut in lead role and Nikki Galrani plays the female lead. Karunaas makes his comeback in a promising role with this film and others in the cast include Bala Saravanan, Naan Kadavul Rajendran and Shrushti of Megha fame.

Broken down in love failure, GV Prakash decides to commit suicide and his friend Bala Saravanan manages to extend the due date by some plans at a luxurious farm house in the outskirts of ECR. He brings him along with his long time friend Nikki Galrani with plans to get them united so that GV has his life revived. But when things are about to fall in right place, things are blown out of waters, when Nikki Galrani gets possessed with a ghost.

Firstly, we would like to appreciate filmmaker Sam Anton for making such a decent remake, by not letting anything fall out or stumble. He does proper justice to the original version of Prema Katha Chitram. When it comes to star-cast its Karunaas scoring the brownie points with a much sensational comeback in his role. He has spelled a much elaborative gesture adding more intensity to this role. His witty lines on pulling the legs of Bala Saravanan and his encounters with the possessed Nikki Galrani are fantastic and leave our rib aching in pain out of huge laughter. GV Prakash makes use of this opportunity to make a stunning debut. Moreover, his performance touches the best during the second hour, especially during the climax and Nikki Galrani suits the role with perfection. Bala Saravanan brings forth more humour to this script with his dialogues an it really his portions that enhance the visual feeling of this horror-comedy. Naan Kadavul Rajendran is the absolute showstopper, where the theatres are flooded with irresistible laughter and claps with his entry.

Musical score by GV Prakash are splendiferous, but the tracks in first half slightly hamper the momentum, but the background score is extraordinary. Cinematography with dark tone and rich visuals are exquisitely done.

Overall, Darling is a film that offers 100% entertainment to universal audiences and with no bit of violence or annoying elements, this 2-hrs of show keeps everyone engaged with more fun on pars with spooky elements.

Verdict: Need a stress buster, ‘Darling’ is a must