“Critics went wrong with VIP 2 and they accept it as well” – Dhanush

vip 2 dhanush

Actor Dhanush’s recent release Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 had witnessed mixed reviews among the film critics. Well, most of them criticized the movie for being a dullard and didn’t have the right punch of emotions and commercial elements that were present in the first part.

But with 5 long holidays working out best results for the team, Dhanush has now taken the rigid side of saying that critics went wrong with the verdicts of VIP 2 and they accept it as well.

“Critics accept the fact that audiences have the final decision to make and they have accepted the film,” says Dhanush who continues to take on the criticisms involving nagging wives. The National award winning actor adds up that there is also good message about the women and critics should have noticed it as well.

He also suggests that after completing their reviews, the critics should have considered the views of audiences, say about 10 at least and do their reviews.
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