‘Character role, please!’ – Sona requests…!

Fans were in confusion for a period of time by having question about the absence of Glamour actor Sona. Now, Sona herself has appeared on the scene and explains her situation. She has taken common decision which had been taken for a long time by many more glamour actresses.

Let’s hear her own words, ‘Till date, I have had completed more than 75 films as a glamour artist. But, on becoming the age, it is not possible to extend my carrier as it was. Though I have casted with so many celebrities in various languages so far, I feel bore in acting as a glamour artist for long time. NO longer, you would see your Sona as a glamour artist. I want to convert myself as a character artist hereafter’.

She has requested to the directors to keep her in their mind when they search for character artist.