Biriyani Music Review

There is a lot to enjoy with the music of Yuvan Shankar Raja’s 100th album Biriyani. Well, it’s obvious that the music director hasn’t attempted for a change merely for the sake of this sentiment, but for his brother Venkat Prabhu as well. The album of Biriyani boasts of 8 tracks that includes the New Jack Swing Mix and Extended Dance Mix of Nahna Na Nah.

The album takes off with a catchy and peppy tune ‘Biriyani’ that has some of the best female playback singers that include Bhavatharani, Tanvi Shah and Vilasini. The fusion of this classical and western vocalisms gets enormous with the lyrical spell of Gangai Amaren and Tanvi Shah. The musical composition in the flute gains more prominence in the track that starts from the very beginning.

Yuvan Shankar Raja brings in Devan Ekambaram for the second track Nahna Na Nah and he fits the song perfectly and no other singer would have done justice to the song like him. The beats are cool and instrumentals during the preludes and interludes are done in voguish style. Moreover, the lyrical lines by Vaali sounds like a lyricist of this generation have penned it.

What follows next is Pom Pom Pennae, which is completely different from other tracks. Of course, this is the one and only romantic duet we find in this album. The singers Rahul Nambiar and Ramya NSK make the song lively to the core and their soothing voices make it listenable over and again. As usual, Madhan Karky brings in his usual style of creative words that makes the song more commendable.

Mississippi is quite an abnormal one as many would have not expected this sort of track, but again Yuvan Shankar Raja makes it sensuous in his father Ilayaraja’s style by giving more importance to the voice. Feeling that the actors themselves alone can do justice to the track, Yuvan Shankar Raja has roped in Karthi and Premgi Amaren to croon the track along with Priya Himesh. The lyrical lines are quite ‘ADULT’ oriented, but becomes your favourite one with the kind of rendition from singers. The song slightly reminiscences of ‘Rukkumani Rukkumani’ from Roja.

‘Run for your life’ overshadows rest of the songs in this album for one good reason. The power-packed performance each and every vocal and instrumentalists, which makes it more rocking. What makes the song more appealing is the lyrics penning by Gaana Bala and Psycho. Unit. The lines are funny in parts albeit the serious situation in the film, where it has been placed. Say for instance, ‘Piece thaan Irukkanum Adhuthaanda Biriyani. Elumbatha Pottuttu Kuskaava Thariyaa Nee’ evokes huge laughter and the stunning element for Ajith fans arrives at the end.

Ethirthu Nil is a much more serious song that might probably finds it place during the climax of film. Gangai Amaren has penned the lyrics that are so inspiring and the coming together of four music directors Vijay Anthony, GV Prakash, D Imman and Thaman. All that we would suggest is that you can listen to this song at any point of time you turn into toilsome phase of the day. This is a great attempt by Yuvan Shankar and the entire crew involved in this creation.

That’s the end of main stream Biriyani tracks here as the next couple of songs are the remix version of Nahna Na Nah that includes – New Jack Swing Mix crooned by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the album ends with the Extended Dance Mix that brings out the style of Premgi Amaran. The latter one carries some powerful and peppy tunes when compared to the other one.

Overall, Biriyani songs come up on a strong note of gratifying the taste of every listener and not just Yuvan fans. Every song serves to be a delight in its own style and we promise Yuvan exerts the 100 times best effort for this special treat of ‘Biriyani’.

Verdict: The best ‘Biriyani’ you will experience

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