Biriyani Becomes a Winner

Following the grand success of ‘Mankatha’, director Venkat Prabhu had his ‘Biriyani’ hitting screens last Friday (December 20). The film has witnessed an incredulous success in the box office. The film stars Karthi and Hansika Motwani in lead roles with Premgi Amaran, Sampath, Jayaprakash, Ramki and Nithin Sathya playing lead roles. The film has touched good reports in box office and is winning commendable reviews everywhere. Spellbound over the film’s success, the director of this film – Venkat Prabhu has now invited the media channels to celebrate the success.

The film is a black comedy that centers on a couple of childhood friends – Karthi and Premgi Amaran, who go on to have Biriyani at a shop in Aambur. Certain unexpected incidents change their lives forever putting them in a heavy trouble.

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