Bindu Madhavi announces details about her new movie to break rumor….!

We know that there is no need to tell more about the ‘eye beauty’ actress Bindu Madhavi. She was introduced as heroine through the movie ‘Veppam’ and was appreciated much for the movie ‘Kazhugu’. She gradually improves her performance.

She is moving forward very carefully. But, at the same time, there are some rumors noticing that she is going to get marry a producer. It further intensifying the situation by stating that she already got married him and have decided not to perform movies hereafter.

When we interrogate about these, they denied all these rumors. They explain that as the same type of chances approaching her, she just intended to have a gap for opting different roles. At this juncture, to put full stop for the rumors, she has decided to announce about her next movie soon.