‘Bhairava’ also seems to get affected by Kerala theatre strike…!

We know that Vijay movies always receive good support in Kerala as the fans of all Malayalam super stars use to watch Vijay movies also. Hence, the rate of Kerala rights of Vijay movies is getting increased day by day and number of the theaters as well. This time, the rights for his movie ‘Bhairava’ has been captured by I.F.A.R International for Rs.6.25 crores.

Usually, Vijay movies will be released in not less than 200 theatres. But now, the Kerala film industry is being affected by the theatre strike. It is a great hurdle for ‘Bhairava’. Till now, this movie could get only 70 theatres. Another reason for this lowest number is the release of other Malayalam movies.

They try to break this strike by releasing the movies without the help of Exibitors Association. Hence, Vijay movie has gotten very less number of theatres. Only if there is any miracle happen, Vijay movie will get more number of theatres.