1. Saavale Samaali – The title brings nostalgic memories of those names in 60’s, 70’s, somewhat like Balachander films. It’s little out of the current trend zone.

Haha, personally I don’t believe in being in trend. Trend for me is a delusion. The title is optimistic and apt for the film. It brings in a positivity when you say it. And our team is filled with positive people especially my producers: So that’s all it matters I guess.

2. What impressed you lot when you heard the script of Savaale Samaali and working with Sathya Shiva?

I’m sure everyone is interested in knowing what happens behind the screen of a television talk show and so am I. Not many have explored into it in films. So I guess I was more impressed by that idea than any other.
My director Sathya Siva is a task master. He wants exactly what he wants. It actually makes it easier since he’s so clear about things. He’s a real hard worker and I’ve learnt a lot from working with him.

3. Working with jagan?

Jagan is an amazing guy. He’s very popular with the people through his television stints. Since the film is about television channels, he brought in a lot of inputs. I had great fun shooting with him. I’m sure he’ll get all the recognition he deserves through this film. He’s a friend.
4. You share a cool chemistry with co-stars… In fact your heroines have equal role as yours (Pizza II and Thegidi), How about Bindu Madhavi in this film?

Bindu is a sweetheart. The most chilled out heroine I have worked with. She’s a bundle of fun and brings in a lot of positivity. I hope I get to work with her in a many projects in the future.

5. The film has some interesting star-cast…

Oh yes.. It’s got a lot of great actors, actors I really wanted to work with. Like Naaser sir, Urvasi ma’am, MS Baskar, Karunaas, Nirosha ma’am. Its just a great experience to be working with all of them.

6.  Is there any sequence that took lots of takes to complete it.

The most difficult part was the first two Days of the shoot. I was struggling to gauge his meter. But once we got in sync, it was smooth and no looking back.

7. About the technical crew.

Shelva sir has been in the film industry long before I was born (haha) they say wise men speak less and work more, he’s a perfect example of that. Music is by Thaman, he has given a great album. And he’s an amazing guy. Editor is Ahamed, he’s done a good job.  Basically the whole technical crew has done a neat job.

8. To be precise, this is the first time you dancing for songs. How has been the experience?

I always wanted to do break only into the indie film circuit and serious cinema side. Never learnt dancing because of that. But like how change is only constant hing, my ideals changed with time. Now I think proving oneself in mainstream is more challenging than independent films. So I guess I should be learning dancing very soon very seriously : ) there are two dance numbers in this film, one shot in Swiss and one a typical kuththu song but with a difference. I enjoyed doing both of them.

9. Being portrayed in matured roles in all these films, how different experience was playing a fun filled commercial film guy?

It took a whole two days of shoot to analyse and adapt and understand in acting in a commercial comedy film. But I loved the experience and I guess I want to do films like this on regular intervals. But I want to see the response for this film and drive my career accordingly.

10. How about your upcoming projects?

I’ve completed shooting for two films now – 144 and Kootathil Oruthan. Post production going on. I play an illegal racer in 144 and a Mr. Average in Kootathil Oruthan. I’m right now shooting for a film with Priyadarshan in which I’m having one of the greatest working experiences ever. He’s truly a legend and can’t describe how awesome he is on the set. I’m gonna start shooting for Pirai Thediya Naatkal produced by Eros South. It’s a beautiful script and right now my dream project. I’ve also signed for a straight telugu film with Geetha arts and Studio green. I have given dates to Arun Pandian sir again. Doing a film for Kenanya films next year. So these are the upcoming projects.