Arima Nambi Music Review

When an album comes straight from an eminent personality like Drums Sivamani, it’s obvious of looking out for more and more exciting things packaged together. The film ‘Arima Nambi’ created similar scenario and it comes with a team of promising technicians and actors. Anand Shankar, a former associate of AR Murugadoss makes his debut directorial with RD Rajashekar handling cinematography. The film stars Vikram Prabhu and Priya Anand in lead roles.

The album starts on a melodious note with the most presentable singer Javed Ali crooning the track ‘Idhayam’. He dominates throughout the track and if not for him, this song would have not achieved the good standards for its tune is little average.

‘Naanum Unnil Paadhi’ is a mellisonant treat to all the music lovers with a neat composition and the singers – Alma and Rita bring a prodigious effect to the track. This one will surely catch up with our attention in days to come.

The master of creative aesthetics – Drums Sivamani comes up with a different spell by keeping the water drops as the musical accompaniment for this song ‘Neeyae Neeyae’ rendered by Shreya Ghoshal. The tune loses its substantiality in few places, but overall makes up as a good one.

Driving straight to the high zone, Sivamani suddenly strikes out with a captivating tune in ‘Yaaro Yaar Aval’. The first few minutes of the track literally gets you down into a unique mania and the same solidness is maintained throughout the song. The music director can thank Shabbir and Runa for intonating with the best approach.

Finally, Sivamani offers a ‘dessert’ feeling to the entire album with fantabulous theme music for ‘Instrumental signature music’ that has an overpowering collage of electric guitars and percussions. This track is sure to become the favourite caller back ringtone for many buffs.

Overall, Drums Sivamani throws up a decent work with ‘Arima Nambi’, but some of them might take a little long time to brew up and capture the markets.

Verdict: It’s okay!!! Appealing in few parts.