Arima Nambi Review

Couple of precise things you’ll notice while watching ‘Arima Nambi’. It’s a taut thriller with gripping moments and secondly, the logics are not found in places. We don’t mean to say that it’s a below average fare, but could have been done well. Arjun Krishna (Vikram Prabhu) meets Anamika (Priya Anand) at a pub on a night. The very next day, they plan for a dinner and things turn up well as Anamika invites Arjun to her apartment for drinks. Everything goes fine until few strangers barge and kidnaps her. No evidence proves of this situation and Arjun himself is declared as a lunatic drunkard by the cops. Sooner, a police official (MS Bhaskar) gets in for his aid, but is shot dead in a while and Arjun sets out all alone for the rescue mission, which will land him on more troubled waters that he had imagined.

Vikram Prabhu’s performance needs an incisive note. He just keeps himself perfectly rigid in every frame. He doesn’t exaggerate the emotions neither underplays. The sequence where he lodges complaint at police station is a good one. Priya Anand has nothing to amuse you with her glam looks or romance, she is on the run and yes, somehow her presence becomes a relief to this fast-paced action thriller. MS Bhaskar overwhelmingly enthralls us. Why didn’t he gain such roles before? JD Chakravarthy as Communication Minister does a role that at times impresses and during more moments irks us little. Yog Japee doesn’t get much to score.

Drums Sivamani offers a power-packed background score, which deliberately intensifies the screenplay of gripping fast moments, but the songs disappoint us. In fact, the film doesn’t need songs in few places. RD Rajashekar emblazons the complete film with his cinematography. To be obvious, certain scenes blatantly get a Hollywood ambience, all because of his lens work.

The first hour is so much engrossing that you don’t have time to make a note on logics that go missing, but it becomes a reverse order in second half. Too many conflicts, too many drama, too many logics go missing and these elements distract you vividly. But the smart plan of protagonist during the climax to bring out the mystery is a top of all orders.

Perfectly crafted script with decent performance of star-cast makes Arima Nambi, a worth watching film, but the logics and unbelievably unrealistic scenes like jamming the internet service all throughout Chennai isn’t advisable for Anand Shankar.

Verdict: A Powerful start for Anand Shankar as his mentor Murugadoss.