aranmanai 2 3001
Siddharth – Thrisha, Vaibav, Soori and Poonam Bajva are new facers with Sundar.C and Hanshika in ‘Aranmanai -2’. It is a grandeur horror movie having more comedy aspects.

The people take out the Mother Goddess from the Sanctum Sanctorum for a ritual purpose. In this holiday period, there is common belief that the Mother Goddess will not have power as she is out of sanctum sanctorum.

Hence, some magicians intend to release evils which are being kept in confinement and want to earn more money by making people afraid. In their act, an evil enters and settles the palace (Aranmanai).

Jameen RadhaRavi, his son Subbhu and servant were killed by an evil. Why the evil avenges them? It is the climax following intermission. What about the innocents of the palace?

Though there is not a big role for Siddharth in this movie, he did not fail to do his job as a hero of this film. Sundar.C performs a big role in this movie also like first part. While Thrisha is taking care of glamour, Hanshika has been assigned for sentiment and horror.

At the same time, Poonam Baajva scores well than Thrisha. Soori, who has replaced Santhanam did not make any major mistake. Kovai Sarala and Manobala have contributed well.

Despite, there are similarities between part 1 and part 2; Sundar.C has successfully avoided the damage. He has managed to make this film as an interesting one. On the whole, it is a horror and excited film with comedy.