Appa Movie Still
There are 4 fathers having different attitude. How they deal with their children. It is the one line story of the movie ‘Appa’.

Father Samuthrakani fosters his son by appreciating his inner talents. Another one ThambiRamaiah develops a dream to make his son as a popular doctor to be settled in America. Namo Narayanan wants his son to be seclusive from the society. Another one father idly shop Dindugal Alex sends his daughter to school without having or implying any desire or demand. Who is the best father among them in fostering the child? That is the story of the film.

Samuthrakani has made this film realistically and narrates about the effects of imposing our own dream on children and feel about them wrong. Thought there are some logical flaws and mistakes, we need not bother about them as this film gives a good concept for the society. This sensational story is supported by the music of Illaiyaraja and the work of camera man RicharM.Nathan.

Samuthrakani performs fantastically as a husband as well as a father. He never fails his performance in any character. Samuthrakani’s son Vignesh (Kaakkaa Muttai), Thambi Ramaiah’s son Ragav, Namo Narayanan’s son Naasaath, Dindugal Alex’s daughter Gaabirella and the fatherless girl Yuvasri have all performed very well.