Aparna Vinoth is the second heroine for ‘Vijay-60’: More information…!

Aparna-Vinod 1 (1)

We know that Keerthi Suresh performs as the heroine in Vijay’s 60th film in the direction of ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’ Bharathan. At this juncture, Malayalam actress Aparna Vinoth has been assigned as the second heroine. Her role is village girl. Despite, she is second heroine, her role is very important for this film. But there are some different voices from Malayalam industry about Aparna. They mention her as a controversial person.

Generally, if the first film of any heroine met with failure, they will not utter any words accordingly. But, this Aparna shared unwanted words with media about her first and failure movie ‘Gnaan Ninnude Koodeyundu’. She again alleged about her second movie’s hero Asif Ali. But, it is different situation for Aparna. She is acting in Tamil film with star hero Vijay. Hence, it is expected that she will not create any problem.