Another ‘Premam’ heroine joins with Dhanush…!


Dhanush is going to start his venture as director through the movie ‘Power Pandi’. Rajkiran appears as hero in this movie. It is being produced by ‘Wunder Bar’. Sean Roldan composes music for this. Prasanna, chaya Singh are protagonists of this movie. Velraj works as camera man.

This is based on the life of a stunt man. In this movie, Dhanush performs in a role which is depicting the life of Rajkiran’s youthful days. He has made screenplay for 30 minutes for his role.

‘Premam’ fame Madonna Sebastian was booked as heroine for Dhanush. The scenes of them are going to be shot soon. Dhanush already performed with ‘Premam’ Anupama in ‘Kodi’. Now, he joins with Madonna. Only Sai Pallavi has been left without joining Dhanush