Amala Paul lashes back Telugu producers on rumours

Ever since, the yet-to-marry couple, filmmaker Vijay and Amala Paul made their announcement pertaining to their wedding, there has been a strong buzz on positive and negative notes prevailing everywhere. The latter one popped up when the news about Telugu producers eliminating her from their project with accordance to her wedding plans, stirred the controversy to a greater level. Lashing out such comments, Amala Paul has clearly mentioned that the producers wanted her to accommodate the dates between March and May. “I can clearly present the documents of agreement signed between both the parties indeed. But I am so much disappointed with the very unprofessional methodology. Usually, the passport of artistes would be collected in advance to sort out the VISA, but they never collected it from my assistants, which was quite blatant on their unethical approach. While we have planned for our wedding in June, what is the reason behind focussing on this to be a hurdle for shooting that is scheduled between March and May,” speaks out infuriated Amala Paul.