36 Vayadhinile Music Review

Banner: 2D Entertainment
Production: Suriya
Direction: Roshan Andrews
Star-cast: Jyotika, Rahman, Abirami, Delhi Ganesh and many others
Music: Santosh Narayanan

After 8 long years as the word in first look teaser says, it’s been a beautiful comeback for the evergreen actress Jyotika who is striking back in town with ’36 Vayadhinile’, a remake of great hit film in Malayalam titled ‘How old are you’. The album has three tracks and some background theme music composed by Santosh Narayanan.
1. Happy

Vocals: Santosh Narayanan

Lyrics: Vivek

Before a year, it was the internationally acclaimed ‘Happy’ that had caught up with the fever across the globe. Now, Santosh Narayanan has created the same impact down the south with this song of same title. It has a hilarious style of rendition, which enlivens the feeling to a greater extent.

2. Pogiren

Vocals: Kalpana Raghavendar

Lyrics: Vivek

This song would surely capture everyone, especially the women as it inspires them vividly. Before years, we had come across ‘Pesugiren’ song in ‘Sattham Podathey’, now it’s time to replace the magical tunes and lyrics by Santosh Narayanan, Vivek and Kalpana Raghavendar.

3. Rasathi

Vocal: Lalitha Vijaykumar

Lyrics: Vivek

The song made it possible of sweeping us over the feet with the single track release and it is sure to become one of the greatest hits of this year. Lalitha Vijaykumar, a great music teacher has crooned this number and the musical accompaniment and orchestral work by Santosh Narayanan is beyond usual paradigms.

Apparently, the other tracks in the album are theme musical ones that has the best rendition by Santosh Narayanan. Well, it would gain more intensity with accordance to the visuals and placement in screenplay.



Vidiya Thedi

Kanavugal Sumandhu

Kaneer Mozhi

With just three songs in the album, all of them instantly get into our senses. This is strongly because of the wonderful singers, best lyrical words that are inspiring in many places and the wonderful musical effort by Santosh Narayanan.

Verdict: Must gift it to your beloved ‘Woman’.