36 Vayadhinile Movie Review

Not often we have had such movies based on a beautiful theme of relationship and emotions revolving around the prominence characterisation of female. Rosshan Andrews made a fabulous film ‘How old are you’ in Malayalam that became a sensational hit and it becomes a stellar remake with the reigning queen Jyothika making her comeback in the showbiz. The film is produced by Suriya’s home banner of 2D Entertainment with Rahman, Delhi Ganesh, Nasser and many others in the star-cast. Santosh Narayanan has handled music and Diwakar has cranked cinematography.

Vasanthi (Jyothika) is no different from many middle class house wives, who have been deplored of their own dreams and are let by the society and family. Her husband (Rahman) and daughter are keen making a big future in abroad country and she is left behind with unfulfilled dreams. Situations urge her to look up towards the hidden potentials and then she makes a blissful status in the society.

No doubt! This could be the best ever launch for Jyothika and she has made every effort to be completely different from Manju Warrier, who indeed offered a stellar performance in the original version. She has encompassed the entire film with own potentials. Her mannerisms and dialogue delivers are excellently pitched and the emotional episodes involving her with husband and daughter are magnificently done. Rahman on the pars tries to give the best though the best as Kunchako Boban in original version and the one playing their daughter has done a decorous performance. Others in the cast including Nasser, Jayaprakash and Delhi Ganesh have exhibited the prowess of their performance.

Santosh Narayanan is the biggest strength to this film and his background score adds the emotional impact to the movie. In fact, his contribution to the film and the songs become an intriguing element in enhancing the movie much better and best the original version, which was declared a magnum opus.

On the whole, 36 Vayadhinile is a strongly recommended movie that is a tribute to every woman in our families and every girl we come across in our lives. Give them freedom, make them live their dreams and she would make her men and family prouder.

Verdict: Excellent tale of inspiration and emotions.