‘24’ – REVIEW

24 - 1
Scientist Sethuraman (Surya) invents the timepiece which will help to visit future as well as past. But, his enviable brother Aathreya (another Surya) tries to capture that miraculous time piece. In this cruel attempt, he kills his brother and brother’s wife Nithya menon.

But, before dying, Sethuraman managed to save his child and timepiece and hand them over to train traveller Charanya. Meantime, Aathreya meets with an accident and it leads him in to coma stage. Sethuraman’s son was grown up by Saranya in the name of Mani (Surya). In his age of 26, he becomes time piece mechanic.

When he comes across about the special features of the time piece, he playfully uses it to amuse his lover Samantha. Now, the villain Surya (Aathreya) recovers from the Coma stage and instructs his aide to publish an advertisement regarding the time piece. In the advertisement, they offer the prize.

Mani makes the duplicate time piece (same as the miraculous time piece) for his friend Sathyan to fulfill his desire of getting the prize. By this playful attempt of Mani, villain Aathreya comes to know about the watch after a long time. Hence, he once again attempts to kill his close blood. Had he realize about the impossibility of killing Mani, he changes plan. What happened ultimately? Who finally overcame and who met with disappointment? – That is climax…!

‘Time Machine’ concept is the foundation of this movie. If we understand that notion, it will be very easy for us to travel with this movie. As we already have been accustomed with this time machine concept through the film ‘Indru Netru Naalai’, we do not feel any complication accordingly.

Despite, Surya has performed in triple role; his job is wonderful and superb. He could make the difference between the characters. His Aathreya character is much impressing us. At the same time, the young Surya (Mani) provides us delight by his romance with Samantha.

Samantha also is being a cause of humor besides romantic angle. Nithyamenon’s (another heroine) performance is pleasing us. She once again comes to our sight in climax after the tragedy.

Saranya’s role is very effective in this film. Her past life was pitiable in this movie. Aatherya’s aide Ajay kumar was given sufficient opportunity to express his talent. He did not make any mistake in using the opportunity. There are so many features in this film to make us laughter and also amuse us.

Music director A.R.Rahman and camera man Thirunavukkarasu have done their job impressively. The songs ‘Aaraaro’, ‘Aatralarase’ and ‘Mei nigaraa’ are giving boost for this film. Art directors Amithrai and Subathra Chakravarthy have put their effort immensely for this film. If you watch this movie, you can feel it.

Director VikramK.Kumar has done an appreciable and respectable job in this film. He has given a good entertaining and uncomplicated movie for this hot summer…!