2.O will be the mega budget movie in India: Lyca delights

‘The budget has been estimated to Rs.350 crores for the movie ‘2.O’ having Rajini and Shankar as hero and director respectively. It is higher than any mega budget film in India’ producing company Lyca told.

The shooting started recently in Chennai. Akshay kumar has important role in this film. Emi Jackson has been assigned as heroine. Neerav Shah and A.R.Rahman have been assigened as cameran man and music director respectively.

Lyca’s chairman Subash karan and creative team head Raju Mahalingam have affirmed about the Rs.350 crores budget for this film. The expenditure for the advertisement on film is not included in this. ‘This film would be completed in 2017 to release’, Lyca said.