144 – Review

Abducting the gold successfully in the village in which 144 ban order is imposed is the master plan of this movie! The villages Poomalaikundu and Erimalaikundu often engage in tussle on fishing right in the lake. Hence, they face 144 ban order from the police whenever they fight. This time, the ban order has been issued within the melting day of Vinayagar idol. The village elite Mathusudanan use to keep others’ black money and gold secretly and hide the gold biscuits of a person inside the idol.

Petty thief Siva comes across this truth through the sculptorRamdoss(MunishKanth) and joins with Oviya and car driver Ashok (he loves the daughter of Madusudanan) to nobble the gold and finally emerge successful. In the meantime, the kidnapping gang realizes that the gold is kept by Madusudanan, then, they resolve to torture him to get the gold. But, now the gold is not with Madusudanan. Hence, the gold hunt starts all over the movie. Finally, they conclude the film in comic manner.

While the ban order prevails ceaselessly in two villages, they are moving the gold secretly in between the bulk of police team. This is the highlight of the film. In his comedy effort, Siva made it possible with the help of Ashok Selvan and Ramdoss.

Fond of police station and petty larcenies prove that it is the strong zone for Siva. He has tried in a new route. Oviya and ShruthiRamakrishnanhave attempted to make us laugh on their part.

We need not confuse to decide about the Villain of this movie. Both Madusudanan and UdayabanuMaheswaran have done their job as villains in their style. The signal transformation between Oviya and Siva is a good comedy.

Camera man Gurudev and music director ShaanRoldan have played their part well. Debut director Manikandan,deviates our attention from the hostile villages and drags us towards the gold abduction. Especially, he astonishes us in the 15 minutes scene.

Though there are some blemishes, director Manikandan’s attempt to make us joyful in comedy scenes is fruitful. On the whole, this film having C.V.Kumar as producer will not disappoint the fans.