10 Endrathukkulla – Review

Director Vijay Milton had tried his level best to present a film in Hollywood style. In our practical life, some people would challenge like ‘10 Endrathukkulle’. Vikram is a fierce driver in this film and he does some illegal exchanges to meet his sister’s medical expenses. Mafia gang leader Pasupathi becomes enthralled by seeing the talent of Vikram and gives an assignment to him.

According to the assignment, he should move to Missori(Uttarkant) with Samantha who belongs to orphanage.Vikram does know nothing about his assignment and just starts his task.Despite, he comes to know about the truth in the meantime, he brings Samantha to Uttarkhant and handover her to the concern persons to investigate the truth. He gets bewilderment while seeing the respect given by the Jamindar family to Samantha. But, when he comes to know about the conspiracy behind this malicious kindness, he appalls.

To make the stream of the film to be spirited without any obstruction, the role of Vikram had made to be over energetic throughout the film. But, it irritates our interest. Vikram successfully proves himself and makes us to feel that his action performance is better than ‘I’.

We could find out 6 differences between the Anjaan Samantha and this Samantha. Samantha’s new avatar in last 10 minutes is commendable. Villain Pasupathi fills the vacuum of comedian in this film. The villains from north India customarily follows their fate. While music director Iman is exhibiting his talent in this film, Camera man Vijay Milton was able to cope-up with the director.

Till interval, the stream of the story resembles Paiya and Alex Pandiyan. Director had favored with disproportionate dialogues for Samantha.’. On the whole, within counting of 10, we feel drowsy in first part of the film and the second part comes to an end within counting of 20.